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MotorExpert – India’s largest network of branded car workshops

New Delhi, 25th Sept:  We have all been into circumstances when finding a right garage became challenging for us. If you are not sure about your nearest garage’s capabilities or infrastructure etc., then MotorExpert is the solution. MotorExpert ( is India’s largest network of branded car workshops which helps deliver standardized car service, repair and breakdown assistance.

MotorExpert is an online aggregator for car services where you can find a network of garages that are specialized to guide you and handle all your needs. It ties up with workshops post auditing their quality, staff, equipment and expertise.

Currently, their services are available in Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai.

 India, on the verge of being one of the biggest Smartphone market has shown some real action which can be seen when it comes to shopping, on the go restaurant & hotels booking, paying bills or hiring a cab driver instantly. In order to improvise overall consumer experience and offer car services in a convenient, transparent and seamless manner, MotorExpert has adopted a mobile focused approach/created an app for mobile users. The new version of MotorExpert goes mobile and brings a few new functionalities in its app platform.

MotorExpert enables customers to,

a) Locate the nearest ME Workshop

b) Discuss and diagnose the issue or car problem on a live Chat with the workshop owner/technician

c) Receive live service updates throughout the servicing from the workshop

d) Record and Archive the service deliverables for a transparent and hassle free experience

e) Book, follow up and confirm payment terms from the convenience of an app

f) Trust the original spares and get the bills of materials.

 Once the buyer has selected a workshop, he can book his car for service and even schedule a car pickup. At MotorExpert, you can discuss price estimate for all your car care needs from multiple workshops on the app chat and select a workshop based on rating, distance or price.

 Runal Dahiwade, CEO, MotorExpert leads the team based out of Mumbai.  Runal is an avid auto enthusiast, and co-founded India’s leading automotive accessory and spare retail network – Carkhana which was later acquired by Topwheelz Automotive Pvt Ltd.

Talking about MotorExpert he says, “Our goal is to change how people perceive and exercise car servicing in India and beyond. We want to provide a standardized, hassle free experience across our network workshops.”


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