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Vedanta Aluminium to be closed in Odisha

Lanjigarh, 26 August: Chief Operating Officer of Vedanta’s Mr K. K. Dave today addressed a massive gathering of employees and representatives of local communities and explained them this issue.Absence of bauxite linkage from Odisha had led to economic unviability of Lanjigarh refinery operations.

As per sources, in an emotionally charged atmosphere, Mr. Dave mentioned, “We ran this unit with all commitment for nearly a decade, despite heavy odds. But with the current market turmoil, which is not likely to improve soon and in absence of access to bauxite from within the State, the plant is operating with a daily loss of Rs.3 crores. Hence, we are forced to initiate the process of gradual closure.”

He said the CSR initiatives of the company like mid-day meal in 187 schools and Vedanta Lanjigarh Hospital which provides free medical treatment would be affected.

The closure of Lanjigarh refinery would also impact the company’s Jharsuguda operations.

Laxmidhar Samantray, a land loser, reacted emotionally and said, “We have lost everything today because this was our only hope. He urged all present to support in taking this issue to the State and Chief Minister.”
Others including Sreedhar Pesnia, Rajendra Mali and other participants from partner companies also expressed similar sentiment.
The closure will also impact Vedanta’s Jharsuguda operations and it cannot be helped, said Mr. Dave.
Vedanta Aluminium, which is one of India’s largest aluminium producers, operates a refinery having a capacity of 1 million tonnes per annum (MTPA) at Lanjigarh in Odisha.

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