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Celebrate Diwali with Urban Ladder


Urban Ladder , the leading online seller of furniture and home accessories primarily based in Bangalore, has come up with an influential idea of depicting the festive fringes through an overbearing short film. It has been significantly directed by Vinay Jaiswal starring Taapsee Pannu and Amit Sadh as leads. ‘Diwali’ , the supreme festival of India represents the most colorful ...

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Blanket Table aka “Kotatsu” Will Keep You Warm This Winters

Blanket Table

With couple of more days left for winters to come in full swing, STT team thought to show you “one of the interesting ways to keep yourself warm this season”. The interesting concept which is quite famous these days is using “Blanket Table”. The exact term for Blanket Table is “Kotatsu”. It’s an interesting way of keeping yourself warm and ...

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5 Ways On How To Protect Your Child From Sexual Abuse

sexual abuse

Sexual harassment can occur with anyone irrespective of age, race, gender, appearance or background. It leaves a permanent scar in that individual’s life, the kind that never really completely fades away. And when a child becomes a victim of such a heinous crime, it’s even more consequential in terms of emotional and physical damage. No parent will ever want their ...

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Ambedkar’s contributions ignored, unjust


A new book based upon principles of national icon of India B.R. Ambedkar, depicts the injustice held to Indian society by ignoring his prime thoughts. Narendra Jadhav, a scholar in his latest book, “Ambedkar: An Economist Extraordinaire” (Konark) says,”After all, his economic thoughts were not parochial.” “What Ambedkar always had in mind was in the best interest of the nation ...

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Wine-An Entire Package For Your Good Looks


If you consider wine basically as a beverage to resuscitate yourself, then reconsider. Wine is considered as the best skin and hair care arrangements. It adds additional sparkle to your hair locks and tightens the skin. Astaberry Biosciences, one of the leading ayurvedic cosmetics has presented new wine rich skin and hair care range for people who wants for an ...

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Who are you? A girl but in India


Most people or i say here,readers might be wondering what this word “but” doing to the title. Well,its “but” only what has all got with my write-up. Don’t misinterpret the caption with any sort of documentary or a tale on a girl’s hardships, some substantial issues like Rape, Kidnapping ,Abduction, Dowry Death, Assault on women,cruelty by Husband or his Relatives ...

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