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Bats outlast rare frog’s survival


A study has found that a bat’s survival harbour rare frog species found in remote caves hidden in densely forested mountains near the border between Russia and Georgia. It was found that there exist a mutual association with Bat and frog for sustaining life. The species namely Caucasian parsley frogs showed significant preference for caves with bat colonies, most likely ...

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More Earth-like-world yet to originate


 A new report theorised by scientists reveals there expected to be over one billion earth-sized worlds in the Milky Way galaxy at present,adding the bulk presence of life-supporting planets in the entire universe. An estimate records roughly  — 92 percent — are yet to be born as earth like supporting life. On the basis of precise data contrive by NASA’s ...

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Birth position in family does not affect your future

Birth Order

Whether you become a perfectionist or rebellious has very little to do with your birth position in the family. A new study has shown. This does not only contradict prominent psychological theories, but also goes against the intuition of many people.” Stefan Schmukle from Leipzig University in Germany pointed out. “We found no substantial effects of birth order on any of ...

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8 Bollywood Offbeat Movies You Shouldn’t Miss

Are you bored of the usual romantic dramas repeatedly found in Indian Cinema? Do you believe Bollywood is filled with clichéd movies and has nothing new to offer? Well, that is not true. Sometimes great work goes unnoticed, mostly for all the wrong reasons – censorship, marketing issues, controversy, etc. Stupid reasons like these should not let the audience from ...

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How to train your children to not have injuries


Researchers said it is these types of conversations parents have with their children after a serious injury that help young people internalise safety values, a process similar to how a child develops a conscience. The study also found that parents are far more likely to urge daughters than sons to be more careful in the future.The conversations parents have with ...

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Genetic Blueprint of inner ear cell buildout

Inner Ear

With the help of a sensitive new technology, scientists have created the first high-resolution gene expression map of the newborn mouse inner ear. The findings lights into how hair cells and supporting cells in the inner ear develop and differentiate into specialised cells that serve critical functions for hearing and maintaining balance. This finding has been proven useful as it ...

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Life is not a cake walk, Anuja says


Author Anuja Chandramouli’s latest mythological-cum feminist book “Shakti” has just been released, says that life “is not a cakewalk” for either of the sexes and it is “childish to assume otherwise”. There were times when she found herself “suffering from acute bouts of ‘penis envy’ because often it seemed like a man’s world where boys had all the fun”, Chandramouli ...

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Witnessing culture shock makes you a better thinker

Culture Shock

People are more likely to think and behave mindlessly – buying things, eating more and performing poorly on cognitive reasoning tests when they encounter a cultural situation that meets their expectations, said the study. Culture shocks that result from migrating to a different country or accepting a refugee from other countries, can actually make us better thinkers, says an interesting ...

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Antarctic ice shelves to intesely melt by 2050

Antarctic ice shelves

Washington, Oct 13 The melting of Antarctic ice shelves is expected to get double by 2050 and by 2100, melting may exceed all predictions if greenhouse gas emissions continues to carry on with the current rate, a new study has warned. Its the high time to raise the alarm and get acknowledged about the destruction intensity our world is going ...

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