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Boutique chocolates here to satisfy sweet cravings


To all the chocolate lovers, here’s a laudable interest of news ,a Belgian researchers in its latest study reports that during chocolate production yeast used to ferment cocoa can even modify the aroma of chocolates, resulting nto a new era of boutique chocolates. “The discovery makes it possible to create a whole range of boutique chocolates to match everyone’s favourite flavour ...

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Vikas Khanna releases a new storybook for kids

Michelin-starred chef Vikas Khanna who has previously brought some good cook book for kids, has now served up his second storybook for children, in the form of “The Milk Moustache”, based on a tale of goodwill and friendship. Vikas Khanna launched this book on Children’s Day, partnering alongwith Domino’s Pizza. The book’s story is about children of the village who one ...

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Chef Manish Mehrotra speaks on Indian food


Modern Indian Star chef Manish Mehrotra believes in order to be on the top spot in the global food map, Indian food doesn’t need inventions rather it could do in terms of exploring flavours through varieties in offers that our country provide. At a discussion on good taste at The India Story show, Mehrotra said “Indian food doesn’t need inventions. All we ...

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Indian Culinary Forum organizes a gala dinner!

WACS Board members with ICF Professional

Indian Culinary Forum is an association of Professional chefs of Northern India.  They in association with Indian Federation of Culinary Association organized a gala dinner for WACS Board members on September 27, at a restaurant in Garden of Five senses. The World Association of Chefs’ Societies (WACS) is a global network of chefs associations based in Sorbonne, Paris. The member of ...

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Nahoum in Kolkata’s still rules foodies’ hearts

Kolkata, Sep 30 : If food could transport one back in time, then Nahoum and Sons, the 113-year-old Jewish bakery here undoubtedly takes the cake. Kolkata’s Jewish community may have dwindled from a thriving 3,000 to less than 30 since their arrival in the late 18th century, but the last Jewish bakery tucked away inside the labyrinthine Raj-era New Market, remains ...

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Karavalli restaurant home food for five-star guests

Chennai, Sep 21 : Chef Ganesh Sheregar will always be reminded of his home kitchen and his wife while at work at the famed Karavalli restaurant in Bengaluru’s The Gateway Hotel Residency Road. This is because three or four dishes on the Karavalli’s menu are from his home. “My wife is a good cook. I found three or four items made by ...

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Traditional ice creams are thing of the past

New Delhi, Aug 27 : After Softies, ice creams have now moved to the next level with liquid nitrogen-based ice creams being the new rage.These next-generation ice creams may even replace the traditional variety that we enjoy in the form of cones, softies, bricks and so on. A fairly new concept in India, liquid nitrogen ice creams have arrived in the ...

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