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Rishi Kapoor’s ‘joke’ on Huma earns him flak

Mumbai, July 29 : Actor Rishi Kapoor had to retract a Twitter post directed towards Huma Qureshi after courting flak from users of the micro-blogging platform for joking about her weight.

On her 29th birthday on July 28, Rishi was among the many celebrities who wished her.

“Happy Happy Birthday dear @humasqureshi. God Bless,” the 62-year-old actor had reportedly tweeted along with a funny image which read: “The more you weigh, the harder you are to kidnap.. Stay safe.. Eat cake!”

The post attracted a lot of flak, which made the "DO Dooni Chaar" actor apologise and then retract his tweet.

"Apology. It was my personal joke with Huma on her birthday. If people took umbrage to it and some abuse just for the sake, I retract the same," he then tweeted.

Huma, who has worked with the actor in "D-Day", took the actor's side and did not mind the post. 

"Thank you to one of my fave costars the ever amazing @chintskap for bday wishes and love…Guys, it was a joke…take a chill pill yaar (sic)," she tweeted on Wednesday.


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