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We merely acknowledge the sacrifice of ‘jawaans’: Big B

Mumbai, 8 Aug: As per the report on IANS, the 72-year-old will make a comeback as a host on the small screen with a new non-fiction show which will an adaptation of the international series "Tonight's The Night". 

Considering the daredevil job of soldiers who sacrifice their lives at the border, megastar Amitabh Bachchan says these "jawaans" are the "true keepers of the land", whose sacrifice we "merely acknowledge".

Amitabh posted on his blog on Friday, that "A sound and light show for the 'jawaans' that fight at our borders, that protect our land that give us the privilege of peaceful slumber at night…they are the true keepers of the land…they sacrifice and we merely acknowledge them." 

The show, which was hosted by actor-singer John Barrowman, is based around making audience members' wishes come true, featuring ordinary people living out their fantasies for real.

Further taking a dig at the "want and greed" of humans, who try to "empower and own" other's territory, the "Piku" actor said its their never ending desire that forces them to do so.

Amitabh explained: "The earth that we are born on, the land that identifies us, gives us nationality, rights of life and living…But the pride of identity, of being mine, ours, us is such a strong emotion that it has never been challenged… 

"Yes on occasion it has been…wars occur for them that reach beyond their territory, their claims their adventurous expansion of their ownership… What really does provoke such act? Want and greed…making part of yours, that would enhance whatever you had and were not satisfied with .. there is no end to want and greater need .. get one, and you desire more, the next the other and that which the other possesses." 

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