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Banned Books

3 Must Read Interesting Banned Books For Youngsters

It is like a forever phenomena that the things, which are forbidden or banned, are the one that attracts the most curiosity and are mostly noticed. Words are since always slaying by humans and have got some wonderful work by well-known authors banned.

Banned books are not a new incense but a practice that has been done under the name of violation towards mentality, race, caste, sex and, politics. Many books even saw ban because they were too heavy to be handled because of its explicit content about violence, sex and drugs. Well, we all know that we are going to read the banned books in one or the other. So here, we bring you an exclusive list of many interesting banned books:

Banned Books

What My Mother Doesn’t Know – by Sonya Jones

A beautifully written poetic verses kind of novel will take you back to the days of love notes in locker rooms. The whole novel is in the first person and is written in verses, which follows a young girl Sophie who is going through teenage relationship and confusion period. The novel is a must read for young girls struggling through their teenage time to know what is normal and what is not. “What My Mother Doesn’t Know” even won American Library Association’s Best Book For Young Adults award to Sonya Jones but had to face the ban after Deer Park, Texas claimed it under use of very frank offensive language and sexual content.

Take Away: Learning on how to deal with a teenage.

Banned Books

Persepolis – by Marjane Satrapi

Marjane Satrapi has written and beautifully portrayed her early years during the Islamic Revolution in this graphic novel. The autobiographical novel contains a rebel kind of journey of a normal young girl Satrapi and her views on destructing war after and when the Shah is removed to regulate fundamentalism. Satrapi goes through her period of being a teen who smokes and listens banned music, which is delightfully expressed for young generation and encourages family-values and need of independence in young blood. The graphic novel faced ban in schools of Chicago over inappropriate violent language and caste.

Take Away: Learning on the importance of family and independence.

Banned Books

Cracking India – by Bapsi Sidhwa

Pakistani novelist Bapsi Sidhwa’s debut novel received international acclamations for portrayal of story of a young girl Lenny who is suffering from polio, her Ayah (nanny) and her admirers. New York Times called Bapsi Sidhwa, the finest English-language novelist of Pakistan. The portrayal of Lenny, the young who couldn’t go to school because of her polio tells a beautiful tale of her growing up in India during the partition struggle between India and Pakistan. She even witnesses the partition in 1947 and is taught all on religious intolerance and differences. Her world is shaken when her nanny, Ayah is kidnapped and she finally sees the brutal violence surrounding her. The book received a ban in the school of Daytona Beach, Florida for explicit inclusion of sexual content.

Take Away: Learning on the importance of feminism and friendship.

Banned books are curiosity creator but are banned for a certain age for a certain period in a certain region. They always make for a perfect read. Which one will you read?

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