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6 Tips to keep your potted plants healthy

New Delhi, 24th Sept: In the concrete jungle of a city, it always feels great to have a few tinges of green in your window or your balcony. Not everyone is fortunate to have a sprawling green lawn or a home garden in the backyard. So a few potted plants would have to do. But not everyone has a green thumb naturally. Some of them are always struggling to keep their plants alive, let alone beautifying them.

So for the unlucky ones, we have a few tips they can use to keep their potted flora healthy and safe.

Choose pots carefully


It may seem to be a child’s play. But just picking an earthen utensil or any container can be unhealthy. One thing to make sure is that the container has a hole big enough for sufficient water drainage. Insufficient drainage can be harmful to plants.

Potting Mix

Choose the right soil

A gardener in your neighbourhood park can be a big help with this. If he’s unavailable, make sure that the soil you pot from your local garden is not full of weeds, seeds, insects and fungi. Try to choose a soil which is loose and light. This helps plants to grow.

Right plant at the Right place


The kind of space you utilise for your plants also makes a difference. If you pot a flower like rose, it will require 6 hours of full sunlight. Which is unavailable if the pots are placed in a shadowed area in the interior. If you cannot consult any ‘gardening expert’, ruffle through the pages of any book or browse internet which gives you information about different flowers and conditions they need.

Too much of a good thing


Water is obviously essential for a plant’s growth and sustenance. But too much or too less and your plants will pay for the miscalculation. Water your plants until the water comes out of the drainage holes. That way you know the soil is getting moisture all the way to the bottom. In summer, the water tends to evaporate faster, so it is advisable to water your plants more than just twice.



No you don’t have to feed chapatis and vegetables to your plants. Your plants draw nutrients from the soil and all the decomposed materials under it. But in these containers, the amount of nutrients is limited. Thus, they require some extra help. Using fertilizers rich in organic materials like potassium can help your plants flourish.

Disciplining the plants


Please don’t beat them with a stick. You’ll break something. But the plants grow into whatever space that is available. Also there is a possibility that some weeds sprout up. Pinching or deheading the plants, will help remove the dead parts and thus allow them to grow fresh parts and flowers.

In such a case, it is essential that you try to get some expert advice if you’re a novice. If you cannot find any gardener to ask questions, books or information available on internet will be your best friends, yet again.

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