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Indians prefer to live the organic way!

The number of Indians opting for an organic way of living is growing. A survey conducted by, an online player in natural and organic space said. As per this survey there is a rise in demand of organic tea from various cities of India over a period of a year. Maharashtra tops the demand, followed by New Delhi and Haryana.

Personal care as a segment has always been thought to be ruled by women but the data reveals men are more inclined towards using organic and natural personal care products. According to the survey, men dominate the segment with 70 percent while women accounts for 30 percent when it comes to ordering or using organic personal care products.

While a plethora of medicines and supplements are available for sexual wellness, the infographic shows more and more people opting for the organic variety. Uttar Pradesh ranks highest here. The data also shows increased demand of organic supplements among youth over a period of one year.

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