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Lottery – an amusing word to bluff

Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you are the lucky fellow that have won Five Hundred Great British Pounds and a Laptop in the Global Annual Lottery Draw. Woho! Sounds perplexing. Right?

I woke up late 10:45 in the morning, and as i got off the bed, my first step tripped me on the floor. Oh yes! It’s the water that dropped last night as my hand smashed the glass. Poor me!

12 baje uth ri hai, padhai likhai toh hai ni,” screamed my mom. Mom, it is 11. Chill! She gave a distrust look. Being on meeker part,  i am ought to receive this with anticipation. And so i did.

The unenthusiastic me, heads on to search for my smartphone. I quickly scanned my Facebook where i popped some like buttons on my junior’s adventurous Bali trip, then snicked Instagram, on which a sole notification cuffs,it says Ayushi Khanna took a photo of you. Ohh Ghosh! How can you do this to me! Ofcourse, she can afterall she looked the most alluring in it. Dude! Let my day come. (false consolation)

However, i had some 4 messages from 4 conversations on Whtsapp. The first was Abhishek’s last night’s Good Night and second was my smart cousin’s hot picture, seeking for a tempting caption from me. May i please skip telling third and fourth because it said, “Tabhi padhna jab aap isko forward kar sako.

Then to a last i gazed at my mails, semester exam schedule was updated , whats most horrifying than this. I felt motionless. It was the most thrashfull morning i have ever been through.

lotteryOh no no!! Not after reading something this pleasant- “Congratulations! We are pleased to inform you that you are the lucky fellow that have won Five Hundred Great British Pounds and a Laptop in the Global Annual Lottery Draw.”

Let me just tell you in precision. The moment i read this, all the morning to noon huff scenes like for instance vanished. It was a bloom after gloom event for me. Haha! Who should i tell! Shall i howl or shall post status.

Well, the former instance was for a short period until i re-read the mail and stucked to the word “lucky”, which certainly i am not able to grasp atleast not as per today’s scenerio.

It was a LOTTERY, this energetic word sways in blowing off the smart and swift neurons of the mind and take you to the illusion world. It is nothing but a form of gambling behind its amusement means.

The history of Lottery lies in fact that in order to raise money for the needy people, this entertaining trend was introduced. And gradually it gained a lot of heed among people from various rich or poor countries. The prize offered can be in the form of cash or goods. Later, this format was mishandled and many fraud cases came into light.

Sooner, it was outlawed by the government of each respective countries. Although, to a despair, it is still under persuasion in a concealed manner and gradually has been widened in its desired approach.

lotteryDo you really think it brings happiness like waking up in the morning to millions of dollars through no merit of your own. Happiness is linked to a long-term personal income rather than short-term fluctuations and that may be because “long-term income differences are more likely to be seen as ‘earned’ and moreover genuine.”

The most pleasant part of the lottery experience, as i have heard , is the way people fantasize themselves about what life will be like once you won something this unexpectedly. It’s the greed that makes people visualize fancy lifestyle. How in the world one think just lottery left for accomplishing some impossible objects. If you really want something in life, you have to work for it rather waiting for any lottery to be announced. Don’t rely on your luck for achieving good things in life. Luck isn’t simply designed for it. Hard work and determination has the ability to overcome everything in life even the thought of wishing a lottery.

Your lottery is the future payoff of your own hardships. Don’t get enrapture in this fallacious route rather earn it for you be appreciated more. Nothing in this world is achieved without paying price, so be cautious of your each step.

Don’t underestimate yourself in name of this fortune game of gambling. They know one in million can be fooled. So be not that one. Give God the chance to reward you for your proficient worth.

“Forget the lottery, bet on yourself instead”



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