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NEET 2 Paper leak scam : Time the nation acts together

A yet another year is coming to an end laying a new beginning. But does every beginning brings a better end?

Let me give you a reality check!

A common saying, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch,” aptly refers to what is swaying with the medical aspirants of the country, India.

Every year some 7 lakh students sits for the most prestigious medical entrance exam in order to avail entry into various MBBS/BDS courses. No wonder how was this year different!

On 28th April 2016, just two days prior to the All Pre-Medical Test , the most scandalous verdict came into action. The on-going litigations over the implement of the common medical test — known as National Eligibility Entrance Test (NEET) for admission to private and Government medical/dental colleges was approved and was ordered to be rolled out from this year(2016) itself, says the judgement. A huge chaos was spread across the country to the fore of this decision. It came as a bliss to some and curse to some.

The main motive in order to bring back NEET is to end the multiplicity of entrance examinations, extend the transparency as to avoid corruption and donation culture. However, this unforeseen conviction confronted lot many obstruction which led to the emergence of “Ordinance,” hence, making the issue more complicated.

Following a month of turmoil, the NEET verdict was revived, the Bench ordered the common entrance to be held in two phases. The first phase will replace AIPMT which already took place on May 1 while the second phase to be scheduled on July 24.

Well, this wasn’t the end of bearings rather the onset of greater turbulence.

On 24 July 2016, NEET Phase -II took place at various centres across the country for which some 4.5 lakh students appeared. Soon after the examination got over, a news started making rounds , distressing students yet again.

The headline reads, Five arrested for leaking NEET- 2 exam paper. 

This horrifying news fairly send shivers down the spine as it kept on stake the fate of lakhs of laborious students of the country. Everyone glued upon this matter anxiously. After what happened last year, the leak issue was not taken lightly by students as well as their respective parents.

The news further said, The question paper was changed last minute by the management after being informed of the leak by Nainital police on Saturday night, senior superintendent of police, Nainital, Sweety Aggarwal said.

Unbelievable! This is the same CBSE who argued last year and showed reluctance infront of Supreme court over organising the RE-AIPMT within a month. And the news above proclaims of changing the set of respective question paper in a single night.

In our country, “The squeaky wheels gets the grease,” which means in order to get attention one has to be noticable enough. Shortly, the NEET phase 2 paper leak became the most outrage talking point of the country.

The row over the National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) did not get over even after 10 days of the entrance examination was conducted, a petition got filed in the Supreme Court seeking re-examination over an alleged paper leak reported on July 24. The petition, filed by NEET aspirant Anshul Sharma, said the primary investigations carried out by the Uttarakhand police points out that five persons (one from Delhi and four from Bihar) belonging to an inter-state racket were arrested on July 23, a day before the entrance exam. The persons carried questions papers, cash and post dated cheques of lakhs of rupees and some other documents.

In response, the CBSE denied any paper leak and said they had matched the original question paper of NEET 2 and found that the seized material is entirely different from the original question paper of the entrance test.

The urgent hearing plea was accepted and the hearing scheduled on 10th August 2016. (Hopes revived)

The hearing day came, Supreme Court throws out plea for probe into NEET-2 ‘paper leak.’ (Hopes crushed)

The plea was withdrawn on the account of clean chit provided by Lodha panel to CBSE upon the leak matter.

The court, which was hearing the plea of NEET aspirant Anshul Sharma seeking a probe into alleged leak of question papers, asked him to move to the high court if need arises in the future. In response, senior advocate Sanjay Hegde said that the police, which acted on a tip off, found that many students, hailing from Bihar, Azamgarh, Lucknow, Assam and Chattisgarh, were being dictated questions by some accused which indicated a larger conspiracy. However, court dismissed the matter.

It’s like “When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.”

The whistleblower of Vyapam scam, Dr. Anand Rai came forward in helping students and taking the case further. He filed an RTI seeking the certitude of clean chit issued by Lodha panel to CBSE. Under his supervision, some students gathered to personally meet Lodha committee in order to seek probe.

On 16th August 2016, RTI responded over the clean chit matter saying, Medical Council of India do not hold any information regarding the concern. What shall we make out from this?

The same day, a bunch of students reached to NIHFW building and tried approaching the Lodha committee. Unfortunately, Honourable Rtd. Judge Mr. Lodha wasn’t available that day which made them to approach his corresponding secretary Mr. Rao. The three hours of requests and pleas followed irresistibly, but the matter was not even looked once.

And the same day itself, the result of NEET- 1 &2 was declared around the evening.

The case seemed to go off hand and started fading in headlines.

Although, the odd events didn’t stop over there. Many students outraged after countering their respective results as lot many discrepancies were noticed.

One of the most disappointed factor that students felt was the lack of normalization feature. As the level of question papers were different, students arouse with anger upon the results for not taking it on account.

The above issue was taken to legal counsel and a petition was filed alleging that NEET 2 was tougher than the earlier one and CBSE came out with a common result without “normalisation” or rationalisation of marks obtained by the medical aspirants in these two tests.

Moreover, the leak matter was not drowned till then and was actively taken by Dr. Anand Rai. As per the directives of Supreme Court , a yet another petition was filled in Uttrakhand High Court for reviving the investigation and seeking further reports.

On 22 August 2016, the leak matter was heard in Uttrakhand High Court.

Owing to the arrest of three persons in connection with the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) 2 paper leak, the Uttarakhand High Court has sought a reply from the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) and asked the Nainital police for a status report. The CBSE has been given a time of two weeks for the same.

Next hearing scheduled on 5th September 2016.

Writing upon this alarming issue has put me into a nerve-racking state.

To one side where our country hasn’t come out of the grief over the alleged Vyapam Scam and still suffering the loss of quality medical students, a yet another Vyapam sequeal is in making.

Let’s call it Vyapam2..!

To a harsh reality, students at the age of 17 are battling for justice. Nothing in this world is achieved easily but under such circumstances , the word ‘achieving‘ is diminishing.

Who will look over it? After the legal courts been already knocked, who else will?

Well, you. Every person reading this . Yes, whosoever is reading and aware of the on-going odd events related to this matter must come and stood beside these hard-working students who got victimized by the foul play of people in power.

I have read somewhere, “Sometimes the wheels of justice grinds slowly.’ Though, comes with richer taste as well.

So, always keep believing JUSTICE IS ON IT’S WAY. 









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