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Reforming Indian Arranged Marriage Concept

As we know it’s the wedding season giving rounds, the whole female community is busy in garbing themselves with alluring clothes , hefty jewellery , glossy make up and very prominently, elevated heels for towering. There are much to add to the former listings, however, i ended short.

Marriage is the most common cultural ritual in the Universe. It involves the union of two people engaged in the socially and legally recognized province as per each other’s consent. Wait! I am here basically talking about my country, India. Here marriage has a way different notion.

Marriage in India be like, a boy’s family goes to girl’s home, play a quiz session with the girl to which she flaunts her well fed marriage aptitude, enough to impress them. Meanwhile all this, rest of girl’s family members sitting finger-crossed, waits for an approval for their daughter. This curiousity is however aptly covered by some frequent laughing stock and very old Samosa-Jalebi service. Like any daily soap, a boy’s family does has atleast a sole super villain character which scans the girl from every angles. Ultimately, an hour or two meeting proves to be fortunate, the moment, the boy and his third uncle’s second wife(super-villain) announced the mutual consent over the marriage.We give a term to this, so called Arranged Marriage, which is ideally just arranged from groom’s part of side.

The most talented person amidst of everyone out there was not given a single glance following her quiz period. Not so happening. Right? Was she asked ? No. She was imposed.

BIBA , the most loved ethnic women wear brand in the country comes up with an amazing advertisement describing the prolonged Indian arrange marriage concept and the need to bring change in it.

The advertisement features a 20-23 year old girl wearing a very pretty anarkali suit and gracing herself well as she has ‘Ladke wale‘ outside to see her. While getting ready she had lot many cloudy thoughts in her mind. Her father then came by and asks her to hurry up, to which she helds her dad and question upon how will she able to decide about spending the rest of her life with someone over a single samosa-tea meeting. The father following a five second pause gently leaves the room without answering.

An hour of chit-chat and ‘aur lijiye kucch‘ session, the boy’s mother showed a full consent saying she liked the girl a lot and it’s an approval from their side. Then comes the world’s most kindful statement ‘aapki bhi haan hi samjhe.’ (Kyun samjhe bhai? Humne bola kya!)                                               

To this the girl’s father responded, well surely, but before that they need to visit their home too and would like to look upon how well the boy manages the household chores and will he able to take care of his daughter, the way she is expected to.Taking it lightly the boy’s mother exclaims, well he can barely cook noodles. Promptly, the father says perhaps my daughter won’t survive just on noodles. This statement had a mute effect in the room. The boy’s parents were quite blown. Unexpectedly, the boy speaks up. He asks the girl’s father to give him ten days for him to learn cooking and then judge him. The most beautiful part was when he said, ‘Aap aana ladka dekhne.

Summary? Change is Beautiful.

Do watch this inspirational video!



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