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Chef Manish Mehrotra speaks on Indian food

Modern Indian Star chef Manish Mehrotra believes in order to be on the top spot in the global food map, Indian food doesn’t need inventions rather it could do in terms of exploring flavours through varieties in offers that our country provide.

At a discussion on good taste at The India Story show, Mehrotra said “Indian food doesn’t need inventions. All we need is exploring. If we go across India, we will see the diversity and the variety. It’s a pity Indians do not know the variety on offer in all the states.”

The award-winning chef who runs the kitchen at Indian Accent in New Delhi lamented that people in Gujarat think Bengal has only fish to be proud of so lack of variety is something misses from our country.

“People in south India think, north Indians eat butter chicken while north Indians only know of idli-dosa from the south. If we continue to explore all the regions we will get hundreds of new things,” he added.

The chef also observed that food is one such entity that sort of gets everybody on the same level.

“It levels everybody. One owns a Mercedes but can be seen enjoying a plate of chaat sitting inside the vehicle. That barrier dissolves,” he said.

When asked upon any specific dish, Mehrotra mentions that the humble ‘khichdi’ is the “most balanced dish in the world”.

“It’s the benchmark for me, it’s got the silkiness of the rice, the tang and pungency of the chokha or tadka and the crunchy texture of the accompanying papad,” Mehrotra added.

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