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Man shot at Gurgaon , outside Bank ATM

An early morning of 9am , a busy stretch of Gurgaon  saw a huge traffic and pile up along the Golf Course Road, Sec-53 due to the alleged dead body lying outside one of the Bank’s ATM near the Bikanervala in the Business Tower.

The police was immediately called upon for the investigations. As seeing the dead body, the police alleges that the unidentified man lying has been shot with gun.

Predictably, found outside the Bank’s ATM depicts the robbery scene, though CCTV footages and other information will give light upon the case.

No belongings found near the dead body digs that the person was shot by the suspect underpinning theft means.

Golf Course Road in Gurgaon sees an active and strenuous area around it, despite the suspect could manage running away without being noticed. When interrogated, no one mentioned a single glimpse of the gunman.

Till the time of report, the body was found lying dead there. Police is currently examining to distinguish the identity in order to inform the family.

Soon the accurate and factual cause will be determined following the investigations and will be updated.


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  1. It is really sad. Gurgaon has become so unsafe. 🙁

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