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Patients complain of vision loss post cataract surgery in MP

Four patients has allegedly complaint of loss of vision at a health camp in Sheopur town of Madhya Pradesh post their cataract surgery, an official said on Tuesday.

On November 27 a health camp at Sheopur district hospital , where some 66 people underwent surgery for removal of cataract and their stitches were removed 45 days later on Monday. Post the removal of stitches some patients even complained of blurred vision following the surgery.

Pradeep Mishra, chief medical and health officer at the district hospital, told on Tuesday that as the doctors were then on leave, eye specialists from Gwalior were called in to conduct the surgeries.

Mishra asserted that the cataract patients complained of blurred vision on Monday following the removal of stitches but later said things are all right with them.

The chief medical officer said that post surgery, the vision usually gets clearer 3-4 days after the stitches are removed.

A total of 86 people also underwent cataract removal surgery in Badwani district, of whom 53 people lost their eyesight due to post-surgical infection of cataract.

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