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SERMC President: Again A Victory In Our Favour

South Eastern Railway Men’s Congress (SERMC) which is going through a bumpy ride will get relief with the latest hearing from Alipore court, Kolkata. The two groups- one led by K.S.Murthy and another led by Prahlad Singh were fighting a legal battle in the court. Couple of months ago, on 7th April 2015, the hearing went in the favour of Mr. Prahlad Singh and party however the former group again putting up a case on the Prahlad Singh and party restrained them from facilities like using office, letterheads etc. The series of events took a U-turn again with the Alipore court gave its verdict on 8th October again in favour of Prahlad Singh and Party.

The hearing was on 3rd October and the decision to restrain has been rejected by Alipore court on 8th October. This means that Prahlad Singh and party i.e. all the 19 COB’s can function normally without any hassle.

On 9th October, after the announcement of result, Prahlad Singh, P.P. Shrivastava and S.R.Mishra along with other members met General Manager- Garden Reach (Mr. Radhakrishna) and Chief Personal Officer (CPO) – Garden Reach, Dpty. CPO (IR)-Garden Reach (D. M Soren) with the certified copy of the order from Alipore court.

P.P.Shrivastava, President SERMC

A copy of the same has also been submitted to local police in Khidirpur Thana. Administration (CPO) and Police have assured them for the smooth takeover of the central office in GRC. Accordingly, Prahlad Singh and the team went to the office but it was locked.

Speaking on this, P.P.Shrivastava, President SERMC said, “We are delighted that the result has gone in our favour and we will start working with the support of the people. As suggested by the court we will start using the office and other facilities. We have informed the local police that there is lock and also the former group. When we went there to see the office, Dipankar Roy, D.N. Singh and Laltu came along with others and they have said they need time till this weekend and will hand over the office on Monday in front of Railway Police Force (RPF).”

He also added, “We believe in unity and appeal to people to come forward in more numbers to take SERMC to a next level.”

Speaking to a SERMC member, Ajay Das (OS- Adra) said, “We are very happy with the result and expect to touch a new height under the able leadership of Shri P.P.Shrivastava, Shri Prahlad Singh and Shri S.R.Mishra.”

Other members of SERMC, Ramesh (Divisional coordinator- SERMC Adra), Shainaz Begum (COB-GRC), Parmeshwar Rao (WM-GRC), Rajkumar Das (Junior Clerk-GRC), Anand Tundey (Welfare Inspector-GRC), Bhairav Dutta (Sr. Technician- Adra), and Joydev Sen (OS- Adra) echoed the same thing.


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