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Speed limit on national highways in Assam


Guwahati, Aug 3 : According to the new speed limit fixed people can now drive at 100 km per hour on four-laned divided carriageways on the national highways (NHs) in Assam. The public works department (building and national highways) has prescribed speed limits for all types of vehicles in the various stretches of national highways in the state, according to an official statement.

For national highway stretches on the plains with seven-metre carriageway without paved shoulders, the speed limit is 70 km per hour while for those with paved shoulders, it is 80 km per hour, the statement said.

"In four-lane divided carriageways, it is 100 km per hour, in curves and in developed areas in the above mentioned categories of NHs, it is 40 km per hour," it said.

"For those NHs in town areas, the speed limit is 40 km per hour, while NHs in congested town areas like Mirza, Chaygaon, Boko, Gauripur, Mangaldoi, Kharupetia, Banderdewa and Moran it is 20 km per hour, while in hill areas it is 40 km per hour."


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