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Why doctors are legal cowards

Why doctors are legal cowards- time to fight against fears

The write-up has been created following a discussion with Dr. Anand Rai, a social-activist.

“I have no regrets about being a doctor. It was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. “

The medical profession teaches me a lot, moreover, about directing. It has never been easy for me and i suppose for many. But as the nature’s framework says, Nothing that’s worthwhile is ever easy.

In my 15 years of experience, i have been through various ups and down walks of life. Right from desiring being a doctor to becoming one. And then finally as an activist, the most challenging yet influential.

We live in a lawsuit culture , so every action taken is out of self-preservation and it’s soft-target are doctors.Increasing litigations on this noble profession by taking an edge of moral and ethical instruction has become the biggest concern for a medico’s life, be it on professional or personal front.

Today’s concerned topic “Why doctors are legal cowards,” has something to do more than just a discussion. It’s a high time to go after conviction rather convenience. I feel it’s our own responsibility to let people know what we are going through and find some kind of lawful approach in order to increase the pressure on judicial as well as political process for our betterment.

Law is a system of rules, usually enforced through a set of institutions to regulate human conduct. But some laws degrade the people of nation, they aren’t useful to the society.

Is it moral to enslave?


Then, why you do it ?


Why can’t you fight?

I am a doctor.

Medicine is an imperfect science that deals with sickness, life and death. As there is literally zero scope for error,the rigorous training in Medical Curriculum, is heavily protocol based. A single error, can be costly and lead to loss of a life. A single cue of lapse in duty seen as a punishable act as per Consumer Protection act while no Medical Protection act yet designed.

Fighting as a common citizen is still easier than fighting with a taboo of legally accused doctor trying to gain back one’s dignity and social reputation. It’s one of the most traumatic and daunting experience a physician can face. Likewise, several hundred thousands of cases are filed on ineffectual basis for which genuine practitioners are dragged before courts till ages in the name of various laws and acts. This crude response is despite the fact that our work is noblest of all.

 Law, doesn’t guarantee protection to everyone.

I know we live in a time where there is a considerable doubt about the role of physicians in urging to create a social change. Like, whenever i engross myself in something besides actual rendering of health care, I am often asked, ” How are you benefiting?”  I am unable to get a word out after hearing all this for me.

Medical is already a challenging job what makes it virtually impossible is the web of silence oppression. I have had to face my frustrations again and again in order to answer of how i can effectively respond to the injustice i am seeing daily. That’s a much of challenge. I have to keep reminding myself of who i am personally and professionally.

Over the past few decades, medicine’s “persona” has evolved from a humanitarian endeavor to a modern, impersonal and money-making venture. The non-profit sector of medical care has begun to behave like the for-profit sector which has resulted into the ‘trading’ of medicines and ‘downward mobility’ of medical practitioners. Rather than with public concern,these organizations are publicly perceived as being preoccupied with their self-interests.

At certain point of time personal affairs become inconsequential in the pursuit of important goals. All my life the balance has tipped towards work which has costs my most time and energy for relationships, family, leisure activities and in some instances, salaries. But it couldn’t sway me far. Till now, all these issues were in front of a casual eye i.e. me, today i bring in light for you all. Certainly, many dozens of other health professionals have similar stories.

I have a small abstract to share , a Pediatrician was once stating, when we tell about what is good for Pediatricians, nobody listens but when we talk about what is good for children, everybody listens. *Sigh*

•The sub-topic of this concerned discussion must be “Doctors fighting for social change.”

Our democratic country desires that all its citizens enjoy a state of well-being. As the most noblest citizens are still alluded to wallow under such privileges, therefore , much work to be done.

Each one of us must do our part, however small, to try to make this world a better place to live in. It’s time to show the courage and high energy level in order to bring people and programs together in more effective arrangements. All these attributes will add up to our advantage in front of jurisdiction.

Also, in some way broaden the potential pathways for the coming generations aspiring to enter into medicine.

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