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High-diet fat seeds Depression, alert!

Food and happiness shares a great bond certainly but a diet high in fat content can lead to anxiety and depression by causing measurable changes in the brain, researchers report.

Also, a mice fed with a high-fat diet in a regular basis when dunked an anti depressant found to  show beneficial effects. It served as a means of study in fat containing food.
There found to be no predictor of treatment resistance,whil tereating depression.

“So if we consider metabolic disorders as a treatment resistance predictor, this should encourage psychiatrists to put in place a personalised treatment with antidepressant drugs that do not further destabilise metabolism,” explained Bruno Guiard, senior author of the study appeared in the British Journal of Pharmacology.

On the contrary, taking mice off a high-fat diet completely reversed the animals’ metabolic impairments and lessened their anxious symptoms.

“This finding reinforcing the idea that the normalisation of metabolic parameters may give a better chance of achieving remission, particularly in depressed patients with Type 2 diabetes,” Guiard added.

The study was terminated with saying, being obese directly proportionates with depression and the woeful thing is the individual isn’t aware of its consequences and continues to be on same high fat diet leading to further despondency. Depression upheld the person with lot of troubles in health and capital regards. The survey denotes the increase in mortality rate due to obesity. This issue is glooming many developed countries like US,Australia in a great extent.

The loss due to obesity is solely dependent upon the individual itself. One has to cut down upon its high -fat diet to sustain its valuable life.

The results set the tone for future investigations on potential mechanisms that may link metabolic and psychiatric disorders majorly due to high-fat diet.

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