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MH370 wreckage to be found in Aussie search area

New Delhi, 7 Aug: Australia's Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said that the wreckage from missing Malaysian Airlines flight 370 will be found in Australia's search zone in the southern Indian Ocean. This week's news of debris washing up on Reunion Island off the east coast of Africa pointed to the wreckage being somewhere within the 120,000 square kilometre search area off the west coast of Australia. 

Bishop said Australia has an important role in finding the jet, not only to provide closure to the families of those missing, but also to reinstate faith in civil aviation to those who travel frequently. He also said Australia had pledged another $40 million US to the search, but calculating who was contributing what to the hunt was not the pertinent issue.

This is one of the great aviation mysteries of our time, and for the purpose of safety, security, faith and trust in the civil aviation system, we must do what we can to find MH370. 


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