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Myanmar opened its first UNESCO biosphere reserve

Myanmar has launched it’s country’s first Unesco Biosphere Reserve — Inle Lake in Shan state, that would serve as a new chapter in its commitment to bio-diversity and would paves way for eco-system conservation, the media reported on Friday.

Inle Lake has been designated as Myanmar’s first biosphere reserve under Unesco’s Man and the Bioshpere (MAB) programme in Paris in June this year, Xinhua reported.

UNESCO official highlighted the prime need for any innovative technical and eco-technological solution which are so vital to keep up with the  preservation of the lake along with education and research activities through an inclusive management framework for the lake.

MyanmarThe UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) has worked closely with Myanmar concerned in order to provide technical assistance for the nomination process of the Inle Lake in collaboration with the UN Development Programme (UNDP).

The lake gets its fund for its establishment from the government of Norway under the framework of the Inle Lake Conservation and Rehabilitation project.

Inle Lake has been of the inspirational figure derived as one of the world natural heritage sites by the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) came after that of Myanmar’s three Pyu ancient cities in June last year.

The 489,721 hectares’ Inle Lake is located in Nyaungshwe township, Taunggyi district in Myanmar’s eastern Shan state.

MyanmarThis freshwater lake is home to a wide range of wetland  ecosystem, mainly comprising, 67 species of birds, out of which 82 are wetland birds, 43 species of freshwater fishes, otters and turtles. Diverse flora and fauna species are recorded.

The Inle Lake is reported to be the nesting place for globally endangered Sarus crane.

Moreover, apart from its its ecological importance, Inle Lake is also unique for the way the local inhabitants have adapted their life style to their environment.

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