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Philly naked bike riders and a wedding!

Philadelphia, 2nd September: Nude and body-painted participants from this year’s Philly Naked Bike Ride cruised through a wedding day photo shoot of lovebirds Ross Cohen and Blair Delson. The couple, spent the afternoon before their wedding taking photos at romantic spots around the city.

Their wedding photographer, Joseph Gidjunis, JPG Photography studio owner was snapping photos of them in Dilworth Plaza, next to City Hall, when they heard the buzz of about 3,000 bicycles approaching.

Not sure of how the couples would react, the photographer informed them about the event. The couple were all sport for the exposure. Cohen lifted Delson and twirled her around, and together they high-fived the nude cyclists, who serenaded them with cheers.

Gidjunis, who used to take news photos and now primarily does events and portraits, took about 100 photos, many while bike riders were stopped at a red light. Cohen and Delson loved them. He said he loved his job as he gets to work with some awesome, daring, brave, and sometimes downright wacky people, who share our vision for great moments.

Cohen and Delson, who are headed to Hawaii on Tuesday for their honeymoon, said they already know how they’ll explain the R-rated wedding photos to their kids one day!

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