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Pope backs immigrants, says they will restore US

Pope Francis in Philadelphia hailed the migrants’ commitment and said they “will help reestablish” society in the US. The pontiff on Saturday demonstrated his backing for individuals from different nations who moved to the US, and guaranteed that they will discover their place and urged them not to lose trust whatever troubles they may confront, Efe news organization reported.

Francis, who earlier this week presented himself to President Barack Obama at the White House as a “son of immigrants”, said to tens of thousands of people, “You bring many gifts to your new nation. Never be ashamed of your traditions.”

“Many of you have immigrated to this country at a great personal cost, but with hopes of finding a new life. Do not be discouraged by the challenges and difficulties you must face,” he said.

“When you contribute your talents, you will not only find a place here, but will help renew society from within,” said Jorge Mario Bergoglio, who arrived on Saturday in Philadelphia, the last stop on his trip to the US.

The pontiff communicated his backing in the connection of a discourse on religious flexibility that he gave in Spanish at Philadelphia’s Independence National Historical Park to a social affair of the US Hispanic group and delegates of other settler gatherings.

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