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10 ways of nurturing and maintaining a happy relationship

“I personally prefer my husband to cook a descent meal as a hat tip rather taking me out on an expensive date,” says a 24 year old just married lady when asked over her type of relationship.

“Alia and Arjun are the unique souls whose union defines a true love,” a common friend immediately responded over a ‘Couple goals’ theme.

“I think i look a little fat in this dress, am i honey?” No man in this world has got the courage to answer it faithfully to his woman. And if he does it would probably cost a new dress. Or love is an excuse?

There are countless such talks, confessions, romantic tales and stories when we caught up with the word “LOVE”. This is the most influential emotion humankind is blessed with. I remember my 3rd grade class, where my teacher used to write a beautiful thought on a blackboard which reads, “Where there is love,there is happiness.” That second-rate blackboard, partly dusted and slightly scraped off was still acceptable that time as the happiness remark was way too overdo.

The reason i turned up to this topic is my most happening relationship with my boyfriend. Yes, pretty common reason! Guessed, i believe.

As per my talking point is concerned , lets suppose, every person reading this out is in love and no matter how far he or she is tied-in or tied-up is not going to take the following aspects for granted.

According to me a happy relationship isn’t just achieved through a constant harmony but some continuous inputs in nurturing and maintaining the fondness towards each other. The list goes:

1. Adapt listening as a habit


We, female community is infamous for our substantial talking ability so gradually this point direct towards men. Well, no. Either of both must inherit the good listening policy. I must tell you its truly adorable to keep our own feelings aside and listening to what the other person is saying.

2. Recharge your bond


A stairway to love has always began with a well-built bond of friendship. One must never forget over how they started and moreover, stay focus over strengthening it. To do that,spend as much time with each other and keep a regular update over your partner’s likes and dislikes and new interests as well.

3. Accept the change


Change is the most natural phenomenon which should be acceptable on either part in a positive manner. The first step is calmly observe and then talk to your partner. An optimistic attitude is essential in adapting the change. Don’t forget,a change is always good, it gives you a fresh start.

4. Appreciate each other


Well, lets be biased towards our lovely ladies for this point. Women loves being appreciated so much that an appreciation a day makes her day and even better when the courtesy is paid by her man. Nevertheless men loves it too. So pull your socks and always keep showing appreciation towards your spouses. Because whats taken for granted eventually be taken away and then you end up missing most what you least appreciated.

5. Boosts your relationship through surprises


The word ‘surprise’ itself is enough to bring a gleeful smile on anyone’s face. No matter at what stage your relationship lies, surprises are always a yes-yes thing. Every happy relationship is the combination of various happy moments so start adding as many as you can. And to all those couples who shares a long-distance relationship , a surprise is a reserve. A surprise can be in the form of an astounding meet, a planned date or some goodies.

6. Concentrating over present


I know every couple has atleast once daydream of togetherness till forever. No mess ! Keep up infact. As this turns out be the trustworthy deed between the lovers. However, must note that the thing over which one have total control is their present. Sum of small things done every day is the result of a stupendous future. The finest quality of a happiest couple i have so far noticed is their prime focus on their present while eyeing on future.

7. Physical affection plays a significant part


A touch plays a crucial role in enhancing love and strengthening romantic relationships. It’s the primary means of showing love. It’s the world’s unique feeling, it’s not alike to how your mother ,father or any friend touches you. The lover’s touch is special, one fall for more. A touch can be in the form of holding hands, hugging, kissing, caressing or a mere eye contact.The nature of relationship a couple is sharing ascertain the proximity level. So never restrain yourself under any social norm or other factor from touching your love mate. Touch each other’s heart first for the body to be craved to be touched alike.

8. Communication is the key elementrelationship


One of the most vital components to a healthy relationship is their good and efficient communication between each other. Sometimes even the well-going relationship fails due to lack of communication as it ponder hundreds of misunderstandings which outweighs thousands of lovable moments.. No matter, whether going through good or bad period of love-life, never pause talking. Speak to your partner, discuss the bizzare events and sort out in the best manner.


9. Compromise is the resolution


I know this fact doesn’t sounds as pleasing as the above points do but nevertheless it helps in fixing odd happenings. Every relationship go through it’s bitter and sweet phase, the prime action on either part is to admit the mistakes and never abstain of saying sorry. A good relationship is all about forgiveness and compromises.



10. Provide best comfort


Last but not the least, a satisfactory day to day comfort is the mandatory object to nurture and maintain a happy relationship. In order to create a friendly and comfortable zone, don’t hide things from your partner, speak about the do’s and dont’s and act accordingly. Go out for dinner, shop frequently, meet each other’s friends and family , open up to each other as much as one can and always bid on creating a trustful, free and safe environment.

That’s not all but some basic principle to run a happy and healthy relationships.







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