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A Detailed Insight About Lifestyle: Finally Decoded

New Delhi, 26 August: A lot of people have perceived lifestyle in many ways. The meaning of Lifestyle has evolved over a period of time. What does one really understand by it? Is it owing big Car, costly Bags, Cosmetics, a big house, usage of big Brand Products, etc. what does it really means? Do people realize what they are doing? Are they aware? There are certain things about the word Lifestyle. People have mindsets which are varied and hence different people perceive lifestyle differently.

It’s simple!!!

An Individual is judged by one’s Appearance, Personality and Lifestyle. Appearance and Personality can be deceptive and misleading but lifestyle in broader sense dictates one’s being.

Lifestyle simply is one’s own style. Lifestyle at a macro level will not just only include the individuals but also one’s surroundings, his acquaintances, thought process, it’s how one conduct oneself and whether he could influence people in society. It’s the mannerism one carries that determines the lifestyle of a person. It isn’t necessary for a man to be rich to have a wonderful lifestyle. In fact, people who are rich live in a dilemma that their lifestyle is very superior which leads them to a snobbish behavior and later into miseries which ends up taking their individuality. These miseries make them dull and the rest is just a façade to deceive the outer world.

Lifestyle comes from within. An individual needs to be rich deep inside to understand the real meaning of the word.

Another interesting fact is that there are three verticals attached to the word Lifestyle.

One is a positive inspirational life, second is the negative lifestyle where people bully or pull others down and the third are the people who lead a life keeping others in mind.

People living in the third bracket lead a miserable life since they end up judging themselves and their reason for their acts isn’t according to their own wants and wishes; it’s according to others.

People leading a life which is unethical or dishonest, corrupt, or even being a criminal not only discourages but also negatively impacts others who have been living a simple and serene life.

These people have always been a bully in the society which leaves a mental scare in the minds of the people and also in the society. These people thrive on Fear. The day people stop fearing these kinds, their existence gets unimposing. If an individual thrives on such an environment, the individual’s lifestyle creates havoc in the society and disrupts the peace.

The other side of the story is, when people lead an inspirational life they tend to keep the society first in their minds and always feel like contributing in whichever means possible.
Some people have the tendency just to inspire others through their words which uplifts the individuals thought process. The best service that one can do in society is to uplift the mindset of the other individuals which later leads to uplifting the society. It’s a cascading effect, this process keeps on happening which makes the whole society healthy and a better place to live in.

The beauty is when both the sides of the coin are in place, there exists both positive and negative which makes it a cohesive unit which sets the ball rolling.

Therefore, one should always live a life which once feels is best for the one. It’s better to take one’s own decision rather than becoming a sandwich.

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Currently pursuing MBA-International Business at Amity International Business School.

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