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Periods: 7 Things You Need To Know

Month after month for years and decades, you have been dealing with the crimson beast. Periods are a major hassle that get in the way of your dressing style, your sex life, and any chance of you having a good mood around people. You probably think you know everything about menstruation, you will be surprised to know these facts!

Here are a few things you should know about your periods:



Too many Eggs In The Basket

Girls are born with around 2 million eggs but the number decreases to around 40,000 when you hit puberty. In an average lifetime a female only releases around 500 eggs, but clearly we never run out of them.


The Period Cycle is Not Always Balanced

Period cycles varies from woman to woman and month to month. The cycle is patterned for 28 days but can vary between 21 to 35 days. There are chances of having irregular periods, you can either skip a month or have two cycles close to each other due to certain circumstances like – sudden weight loss, stress, unhealthy diet or a certain medication. But there is nothing to be scared about, it’s normal.




An Increased Sex Drive

Women have a hormone called progesterone, which reduces the power of your libido. During menstruation progesterone is least, which often leads to a highly increased craving for intimacy.



You are Sexier When You Ovulate

The smell of an ovulating woman has power to cause a surge in the testosterone levels of a man, as compared to a non-ovulating woman. Males have a biological urge to be attracted to a female when she is at her most fertile point, making you more appealing to them.




Cramps Can Occur In Any Parts Of Your Body

Those painful cramps are not just limited to your abdomen, cramps can occur in any part of your body. The nerves in the pelvic region are all intertwined and connected to each other, which means if you feel the cramp on one side of your stomach you may feel it on the other side as well, like your lower back. The nerves in the body help the cramps travel from one point to the other, thus leading to cramp aches at several ends during periods.




Not Changing Your Pad/Tampon Regularly Can Be Fatal

Not only its is hygienic but also healthy to keep changing your pads/tampons from time to time during periods. If you leave them on for hours or even after heavy flow, there are chances, it can lead to bacterial infection. The bacteria will produce toxins which can lead to Toxic Shock Syndrome which is basically life threatening. Therefore, ladies, never let your pad or tampon be the breeding ground of bacteria.




Not As Scary As You Thought

Periods can be painful and messy but they are not as scary as you thought. A woman releases not more than 2-4 tablespoons of blood during an average period duration, even if the flow is heavy. It feels much more due to water retention but you are definitely not losing as much blood as you think. The amount of the blood flowing out balances your body, so do not worry because it is considered normal.

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