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Nitish orders to electrify Bihar for free

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar in a bid of keeping up his election promise, has directed officials to provide free electricity connection to everyone in Bihar by November 2017.

During the election campaign , Nitish Kumar promised of providing free electricity connection to all the households and eventually his Grand Alliance won the assembly elections.

The connections would be free, but users would be charged for the power consumed, officials in the Nitish’s governement said on Friday.

On this following project, Nitish’s government is expected to incur an expenditure of Rs.1,500-1,800 crore.

Earlier, the electricity connection was promised only for Below Poverty Line families, but Nitish orders to also cover 50-60 lakh families coming in the Above Poverty Line category.

A total of 2,719 of the 39,073 villages remain to be electrified in Bihar. Nitish’s government is showing steady response.

In November 2005, average availability of power was six to eight hours in urban areas and two to three hours in rural areas.

But in 2015, the average availability of power in urban areas is 22-24 hours and 15-16 hours in rural areas.

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