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A LIVE WWE event in India would be Historical: Mark Henry

Gurgaon, 29th August 2015: A one on one interview with The Strongest Man in the world, WWE superstar, Mark Henry, at the Kingdom of Dreams spoke to Satyam The Truth. Sweaty and tired with India’s climate, he seemed unwell. But in spite all of that, he was polite enough to give our team some time. I learned that he’s not only a famous wrestler but also a mama’s boy and a very caring person.

Excerpts of the chat with Kriti Aich from Satyam The Truth:

So how did it feel when the nation called you “the sexual chocolate”?

Well it was fine with me. I got to ride the world with D’Lo Brown. We used to party, it was crazy! When we were in our early 20s, we spent that money on parties, hanging around the town! That’s pretty much what we did; we partied till we got to the town! How much fun it was during that time!!

Do you think that has changed a lot now? Now that everything’s corporate?

(Salutes in a funny way) Yes Sir!! Yeah! We’re corporate man! It’s a strong business! Here you not only answer to your boss, but you’re answerable to the board of directors! What others might like or be ok with, in front of the board might not be. Coz we’re PG! We can’t have that kind of activity!! Cz I’ve seen a lot of sexist behavior n stuff like that. It was kinda degrading to me! I mean I didn’t like it.

When asked about the attitude era, he said that there are a lot of fans for the attitude era n that is not coming back! He adds one should enjoy the videos of that time because there’s no way that era would come back!

Would you like to give any feedback for the Indian kids for wrestling?Mark Henry 1

Well, you know the things about kids; whether they’re American or Russian or Indian kids. They’re all the same. They love what we do. They admire us. And they’re maybe mad about the hard work. We got a lot of fans… Lovers… We try to do our best. We don’t want to do something that might result in anything bad for them.

We’ve heard that there’s going to be a live wrestling match in January?

I’ve heard a lot of things myself! And there is no confirmation about that. If at all there’s anything like that, you would get to know about it. My mom always said one thing to me, “Don’t do anything which you’re not planning on keeping” And if we come here as a company, then we’ll be putting up a show that’s going to be historical!!!


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