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Hike launched ‘Car Match app’ for Delhi’s odd-even scheme

The very known India’s first home-grown messaging platform, hike messenger came up with an amazing microapp  on Monday namely, “Car Match”, in order to facilitate users in sharing rides with friends during the ongoing odd-even scheme in the national capital.

This smart microapp not just only matches odd-numbered cars with even-numbered cars in a user’s vicinity, it even facilitates the common car categories.

Moreover, this app ensured flexibility to the commuter-partners of all Delhi numbers to choose each other after chatting with each other through hike messenger, thus helping them make decisions about having safe rides.

In order to reap the benefits of this amazing app through hike , a user needs to open hike messenger and select the “Car Match” app. Then the user is supposed to fill in the basic details regarding location, car number and the journey.

As per the profile updated, the hike will generate possible matches and preferences enabling the user to choose match(es), chat and finalise a commuter-partner to share a ride with.

The free microapp is available on Google Play store for Android users.

Enjoy Hiking!

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