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Microsoft’s new Universal Foldable Keyboard

New Delhi, 27 August: Folding keyboards are nothing new, but this is actually really special. The keys also look better than others you may find on portable keyboards, simply because they appear to have a great deal of travel, which is crucial to replicating that real desktop keyboard feel.

When folded in half, the keyboard is a rather thin rectangle, measuring 147.6 x 125.3 x 11.5 mm (L x W x H). In this state, it is rather reminiscent of a common plastic CD case, and it easily fits into a pants pocket.

Once the keyboard is open, it measures 295.1 x 125.3 x 5.75 mm (L x W x H). When opened, the device will light up one of the two Bluetooth emblems in the top left, and one of the OS symbols on the right.

The keyboard can be paired to two devices, one for each Bluetooth button on the keyboard. You can switch between the two devices by simply pressing one of the Bluetooth buttons again without having to set it up.

As for the battery life Microsoft claimed the battery lasts up to three months. Microsoft Universal Foldable Keyboard makes using smartphone much easier and makes searching for queries quicker.

On a desktop system, it works just like an ordinary keyboard, but on multiple devices, being able to press a button and switch between the one device or another, such as on the phone, creates a compelling use case.

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