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Mosquitoes genetically modified to curb malaria


Aresearch led by the scientists at Imperial College London, have for the very first time,  genetically modified a malarial mosquitoes, in order to disrupt the gene which is reponsible for egg production in female mosquitoes. For this experiment, they used a technology called “gene drive” in order to ensure the gene for infertility is passed down at an accelerated rate to ...

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Biomarkers for identifying initial lung cancer


Researchers in their recent study have identified a biomarker that helps in detecting the most common lung cancer in its earliest stage. The scientists believe that this discovery could help increase survival of lung cancer patients. As per the National Cancer Institute, lung cancer kills about 158,000 Americans each year — as many as the next four most deadly cancers ...

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Get ready for the extreme heat waves, scientists alerts


Scientists with the help of a newly designed method to check upon the heat wave magnitude claims that extreme heat events are likely to increase both in severity and number during the next two decades. “Even if global mean temperatures do not increase too much, we will see more extreme heat waves events,” said one of the study authors Simone ...

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Web-based tool hampers stressfull thoughts


The word “stress” brings a lot of difficulties in one’s life. Some try hard to cope , some at extreme conditions decide to quit. Perhaps quitting is neither a solution. A research led by an Indian-origin scientist designed a web-based tool that help common man deal with high-pressure situations in life. According to Srijan Sen, faculty member with University of ...

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Women prefers shy men as sperm donors


A new study reveals that men who are intellectual, shy, calm and methodical are more in demand as sperm donors in the online market than those who are extroverted. So start adopting this trait in order to be a great donor, also to grab attention from women. Stephen Whyte, a researcher from Queensland University of Technology in Australia said, “Worldwide demand ...

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Anxiety intensify Asthma suffering

Alert! All the asthmatic patients. A new research has found that over anxiety about something can trigger respiratory problem in asthmatic patients. The findings suggest that low anxiety can help in managing the respiratory condition in a better way. It says that when people suffering with asthma bears high level of anxiety, then their suffering result in far more debilitating and ...

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Banana, an antidote for AIDS!


A surprising yet breath taking result out pushed aftermath a subsequent study done by researchers indicates a substance originally found in bananas and carefully edited genomically by scientists could lead to drugs that fight off a wide range of viruses, including those that cause AIDS, Hepatitis C and influenza. This finding could pave way for a lot refinement in the medical ...

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Biomarkers to predict premature death


A recent research successfully claimed the existence of Biomarkers , served to play a crucial role in identifying whether an apparently healthy person is likely to die of pneumonia or sepsis within the next 14 years. The mechanism involves single blood test that could reveal any sort of illness. A study was conducted over 10,000 individuals and on its basis , ...

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Bats outlast rare frog’s survival


A study has found that a bat’s survival harbour rare frog species found in remote caves hidden in densely forested mountains near the border between Russia and Georgia. It was found that there exist a mutual association with Bat and frog for sustaining life. The species namely Caucasian parsley frogs showed significant preference for caves with bat colonies, most likely ...

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