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New touchscreen material to wave off charging daily


Anew and innovative type of touchscreen material has been designed by the British scientists that works efficiently at minimum power, requires a little power to illuminate, with vivid colours and high visibility in direct sunlight. In order to see if their new material of creating a touchscreen can replace current LCD touchscreens over the next few years, the team of ...

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Review Of Sony MDR-100AAP Headphones

Japanese electronics giant Sony , popularly known for its high quality sound delivery in all its products comes with yet again new ‘hear on’ series of headphones, Sony MDR-100AAP – priced at Rs.12,990. We got our hands on the over-the-head pair and here is our probe: What is good? No doubt, the headphones are designed extremely well so bears a ...

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Review Of Samsung Note 5

South Korean leading electronics giant Samsung, popularly known for innovation in hardware and user interfaces, recently launched its flagship Note 5 smartphone in India priced at worth Rs.53,900. Consumers who like productivity on the go and are also in the ‘creative’ business, for them Samsung has aptly introduced this Note series. Here is our probe to the Samsung Note 5 ...

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Samsung Electronics’ Q3 profit prop eminent growth


The Leading Samsung Electronics posted a double-digit growth in the third-quarter operating profit all providently due to a record high quarterly profit in the chip-making business , the company said on Thursday. During the July-September period, it was analysed that some consolidated operating profit of Samsung Electronics,the world’s largest maker of smartphones, memory chips and TVs reached 7.39 trillion won ...

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First sonic tractor beam invented


To an astounding research came up the invention of the world’s first sonic tractor beam that can lift and move objects using sound waves , studied by some researchers including one of the Indian-origin. Tractor beams are mysterious rays that can grab and lift objects. The following concept has been used by science-fiction writers, and programmes like Star Trek, but has ...

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Oracle to expand cloud growth in India


World’s leading cloud service provider, Oracle has apparently committed to expand its software base in India in response of a business friendly government here and also due to its diverse portfolio cloud platforms and new-age Java. This initiative will pave a lot better ways for India to stable its Software set up. On the second day of the Oracle’s OpenWorld ...

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Grand reviews on Motorola X-play


Motorola Mobility, an American mobile device and technology company are in a fierce tech zone under pinning to launch some more fresh  ‘X’ models into India. The company launched the new Moto X Play at Rs.18,499 in September and following is its chracterists: What speaks in good? The phone bears a simple design and a water-repelling rubber-coated back panel. Also, ...

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Apple to compense, plied patented tech


The most advanced giant tech Apple is offendered and has been told to pay $234 million as a compense to the intellectual property arm of Wisconsin University, Madison, for using already patented technology without permission developed by its team, including two Indian-American engineers. The award amount a federal jury in Madison desired Apple to pay Friday was about $165 million ...

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