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Reforming Indian Arranged Marriage Concept


As we know it’s the wedding season giving rounds, the whole female community is busy in garbing themselves with alluring clothes , hefty jewellery , glossy make up and very prominently, elevated heels for towering. There are much to add to the former listings, however, i ended short. Marriage is the most common cultural ritual in the Universe. It involves ...

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Women in Saudi Arabia vote for the first time in history


Municipal elections unfolds on Saturday in which for the first time in history, Saudi Arabian women were allowed to cast their respective votes. Another first paranoma was women were even nominated as candidates. It was stunning yet shocking thing as the conservative kingdom being the only nation where women were not even allowed to drive, BBC reported. A total of ...

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Google doodle celebrates early human ancestor ‘Lucy’


On the 41st anniversary of the discovery of the world’s most famous early human ancestor — the 3.2 million-year-old ape ‘Lucy’, Google doodles on its search engine so as to mark the day. ‘Lucy’ was the first Australopithecus afarensis skeleton ever found, although only about 40 percent remains are present. Australopithecus afarensis is an extinct hominid that used to live ...

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Women prefers shy men as sperm donors


A new study reveals that men who are intellectual, shy, calm and methodical are more in demand as sperm donors in the online market than those who are extroverted. So start adopting this trait in order to be a great donor, also to grab attention from women. Stephen Whyte, a researcher from Queensland University of Technology in Australia said, “Worldwide demand ...

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Emmotional bonding leads to lower testosterone in Men


An Indian-origin scientist report says testosterone levels lowers just not due to disturbed emmotional relationship with the spouse but be it with siblings, friends, neighbours and co-workers also result in the similar way. Prior studies, shows that humans (and some other species as well), males who shows amicable cooperation with their female mates in raising and nurturing offspring often have ...

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Self-weighing, a growing concern for young women


As per the prior studies, which says that self-weighing can be a useful tool to help adults control their weight perhaps the new studies reveals that in contrast this behaviour may have negative psychological outcomes for younger women. Frequently self-weighing among females is significantly related to weight concern, depression and decreases in body satisfaction and self-esteem, the study found. “Females who ...

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Standing six hours a day inhibits obesity risk


A new research upon the growing obesity affairs, says standing for at least one-quarter of the day is linked to to 32 percent reduced likelihood of obesity. Contrary sedentary behaviour (such as watching TV and commuting time) enduce negative health effects,though it is unclear whether more time spent standing has protective health benefits. A research team led by Kerem Shuval ...

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Smarter women tends to be less attractive


A new study declares that a man finds a woman of greater intelligence attractive only when she is distant or far away from his mind, not when she is right next to him. Associate professor at University at Buffalo, New York, Lora Park being the principal investigator of the study says, “We found that men preferred women who are smarter than them ...

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Men and women brain work alike


An advanced research has revealed in accordance to their findings that there exists no such taboo called a “male brain” and a “female brain.” This research demonstrated suggests that they found no sex difference in the size of the hippocampus, a crucial part of the brain that consolidates new memories and helps connect emotions to the senses. Hippocampi are located on ...

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Breastfeeding lowers breast cancer risk


A new study came into light proposing that the women who breastfeed may have up to 20 percent reduced risk of developing an aggressive form of breast cancer called hormone-receptor negative. It was profoundly a staggering study in regards of growing health concern for women’s breast cancer. At the age of 50, hormone-receptor-negative (HRN) breast cancers, commonly diagnosed are more likely ...

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